• «LugLockers»: ATA Storage LLC which provides services through the site  and  «Luglockers  apps connected  with   luggage  storage.
  • «Storage providers»: Storage providers of luggage and other not big goods who are cooperating with «LugLockers».
  • «Tourists»: Physical persons who want to submit suitcases and other not big goods for storage.
  • «Service»: service provided by «LugLockers»
  • «Suitcase»: (luggage) Storage objects which can be a suitcase or other packed up not big goods. The size of the storage objects should not surpass the height of 2 meters (78.74 inches) the length of 1 meter (39.37 inches) and the weight of 50 kilos (110.0 pounds).


These conditions and terms refer only to the cases when online booking is realized   through site or luglockers apps. In the other cases the site and the apps only serve as source to receive information and all the other relations are regulated between the Tourist and the storage providers. In  these cases the «LugLockers» does not  bear any responsibility and serves as a platform to receive information.

These conditions and terms refer:

  • To the relations of the Tourist and the Storage providers.
  • To the relations of the Tourist and LugLockers.

These conditions and terms don’t refer to the relations of the Storage providers and «LugLockers». These relations are regulated within the frame of separately concluded contracts and can differ from each others.


«LugLockers» provides service connecting the storage providers and the tourists. In cases of some storage offices online booking service too. The services are provided through the site and «LugLockers» apps.


The tourists can use the site or the luglockers apps through using the information and the possibilities provided by the platforms. For using these services an obligatory registration is not required excepting the cases of using online booking.


For tourists the service is free of charge, both in cases to watch and receive information and online booking.


The payment is fulfilled in the storage providing place by the terms proposed by the storage provider by cash or non-cash.


For luggage storage it will be necessary to fill in a document concerning the storage terms. The document will be in two copies, which will be signed by the tourist. One of the copies will be submitted to the tourist and the other is kept with the storage provider.

The document will bear the same code, which is peculiar and in other cases it is not  repeated. The code will be the basis to receive the luggage back.


It is prohibited to submit goods the storage of which is prohibited in the country of storage, which can be dangerous for the health of the people, for the environment and for other items. Particularly, it is prohibited to provide storage for the following goods:

  • Goods, non material included the value of which exceeds 1000 $,
  • Precious items and stones (gold and silver in any form) and precious stones.
  • Banknotes and coins etc.
  • Drugs or psychotropic substances.
  • Plants and live or dead animals.
  • Weapons and fire-arms.
  • Software containing high-value information.
  • Technological material (IPhone, IPad, Tablet, PC, Smartphones)
  • Wastes.
  • Works of Art.
  • Antiques.
  • Pornographic materials.
  • Goods causing different smells, the smell of which can be felt further 20 cm.
  • Different documents (Passports, social cards, birth certificates, documents  confirming the ownership, securities, bonds etc.).


Storage service providers bear responsibility for the luggage security. The suitcases are sealed for security insurance. In case there are doubts the storage service providers can check the contents of the suitcases in the presence of the tourists.


In case the suitcases are lost or not returned the LugLockers compensates in the amount of  1000 $.                                                                                              

In cases the suitcases are damaged the compensation is realized by the storage service  providers. To justify the damage the suitcases should be photographed. For this purpose the tourists are advised to photograph the suitcases. If the suitcase is not photographed and is damaged the storage service providers may not compensate the waste.