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When we travel, it is often necessary to leave our belongings somewhere (luggage, skis, bags, etc.), and we start looking for a storage place where we can leave our things. We wish to find it as soon as possible, a storage place which is near and accessible. In the result, we start looking for storage places in different ways, which is often quite time consuming and ineffective.

The idea of creating a LugLockers platform was born to solve these problems.

LugLockers is a platform by which tourists can find storage places around the world, book and store items in the shortest and simple way.

On the other hand, LugLockers provides a storage service provider to attract more customers to the companies, and the other companies (hotels, hostels,shops, etc.) to join the platform, provide storage services and get additional income. As a result, it will help to make storage services more competitive and efficient more accessible, and make the quality of services improved.

LugLockers mission to create a reliable, modern and accessible platform giving a possibility to customers all over the world to find a storage place which corresponds with their needs in the best way.