How to find a storage?

You just need to enter the city name or address in the search box to find a baggage storage, and the system will show all the storage addresses in that city, or it is necessary to click on the button on the left side of the search and click find button, after which the system will show the city storage addresses, where you are. Then you can select the address you need and get acquainted with the terms (prices, working hours, etc.).

You can also use our free apps on the App Store and Google Play.

The apps also work according to your location and you will easily find your nearest storage addresses, as well as their terms.

The platform also allows you to specify storage locations for a later to access, to evaluate them, to find the way from your location to your storage address. To classify storage locations according to the prices, distance, evaluation.

LugLockers does not charge for the service. You just have to pay for the storage.

Storage places.

There are two main types of storages on the platform. Specialized storage service providers and companies that deliver alongside their main business storage services (hotels, hostels, shops, words, etc.). There are platforms storage areas that are just for tourist information and places, where tourists can also book a place, rate it. There are cities on the platform where they can order transporting services. The prices for storages, hours of operation and other terms are different, which are set by the service providers.

Storage places work on different principles, with separate lockers provided in the area of storage, as well as in different ways of payment (cash, with coins), non-cash etc.

Rating system.

To improve the quality of services and make the selection effective there is an rating system. The rating can be fulfilled by any registered person and also those who have realized booking. During rating there is a possibility to make comments.

Become a partner.

Any company providing luggage storage service or it has a free space in its hotel, hostel, store and other places can join LugLockers platform and become a LugLockers partner. Join us and the platform will help you to attract more and more customers and get extra income.