Frequently Asked Questions

What is LugLockers?

LugLockers is a platform where you can find luggage storage all over the world. You can also find useful information about these places (storage prices, working hours, terms and conditions etc.). There are more than 500 luggage storage places in our platform.

How can I find luggage storage?

You just need to enter the city (address, hotel) name click on map or list and find storage.

Does LugLockers charge any fee?

No. There is no charge for our service.

How much does it cost to store a bag?

It depends on the storage. Each storage has its own price.

Who can I pay for storage?

The payment is done at the storage with the terms and conditions offered by the Service Provider on cash or by credit card (if storage has online payment system).

Have LugLockers application?

Yes. You can find our application in App store and Google play.

What is prohibited to store?

It is prohibited to store such things that are prohibited according to the law of the country that you are in.